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My Professional History

Over 25 years of experience

In February 1997, I entered into the United States Air Force in the career field of Security Police. My dream was to become a Security Police K-9 handler. I heard so much about this amazing career in the Air Force: working a dog on Air Force Bases, utilizing narcotic detection dogs in U.S. Customs, and U.S. Secret Service with explosive detection dogs. However, I was told the K-9 career wasn't a guarantee;I would have to apply for the position during the Security Police Academy.


After completing Basic Military Training at Lackland Air Force Base, I was almost finished with the Security Police Academy when a new opportunity arose. Everyone in my class was close to graduating and heading home to family to relax for a few weeks. We already had our base assignments, and I was very pleased with mine being Coco Beach Florida. I was very excited, everything was falling into place, but one thing was missing. One morning, they called our class into an assembly room. A few higher ranking men asked who wanted to apply for this very limited position as K-9 handler. They described the sacrifices of having to stay an additional 12 weeks and endure intense training with very limited freedom, and without any break between the police academy and K-9 academy. My duty location of Coco Beach, Florida would be voided. Also, four weeks of K-9 training would be added to our newly assigned bases. Listening to all these sacrifices, I only heard opportunities.


Well,weeks later, I received the news I was selected. I was so excited to start, but was quickly disappointed to find out the first week of our training was our leash attached to a 5 gallon bucket, not a dog. Later, we went through extensive training covering obedience, bite, protection, and scent detection. We were assigned a different dog for each new phase of training.


After completing the K-9 Academy, I started my career serving around the world with numerous narcotic and explosive detection dogs. Our dogs were assigned to the base, then assigned to a handler. However, dog teams were swapped around a lot to cover different missions. This gave me exposer to a lot of different dogs. I worked civilian assignments with US Customs in Puerto Rico and US Secret Service with Presidential Details around the country. I was also selected to be involved in a lengthy experimental test at NASA where K-9 Teams were evaluated in detecting explosive odors against new technology. This ended up being a win for us!! So in 2002, I was Honorably Discharged and returned home to Monroe, Louisiana. The next chapter in my career was working for the West Monroe Police Department from 2003-2015.


In 2011, My wife and I started Delta K-9 Solutions LLC, focusing on training family dogs with behavioral problems and obedience. At first, I took a casual approach to this new business opportunity and got casual results. Then on July 4th 2013, I decided to go after this opportunity like I did when my career started. I combined my knowledge and experience with dogs, as well as my wife's business management skills. This team created the best dog training business with excellent customer service: making a family effort to help families with their dog.


Since then, there has not been anything causal about our business. Our true belief is that business success is determined by the dog owner's success with their family dog. This success is something I strive to become personally and professionally. We provide excellent customer service to make training dogs as easy as possible for the owner and the dog: so easy and understandable that it just makes sense.


•United States Air Force K-9 Handler Course
•Served our country in the USAF as a Bomb & Drug dog handler for 6 years
•U.S. K-9 Handlers Course
•LA K-9 Handler & Trainer's Course
• Served our community as K-9 Police Officer for West Monroe Police Department from 2003-2015

Ty David Brasiel 
Is the oldest son of Chance and Christi Brasiel. He has been training in his fathers foot steps since the age of 3. He's a natural at it and started "officially" working for the company this year. He loves dog training, traveling and anything outdoors. His dream is to take over Delta k9 Solutions one day after his dad retires! 


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