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Consultation starts at 14weeks old  

Consultation is our basic program that includes ON LEASH training.


Our consultation is about educating the dog owner, so the family can be successful .


Our two hour consultations are tailored to your specific problems and needs,ranging from puppy to adult dog issues.


We will discuss, in our training facility, how you can more effectively communicate with your dog and address unwanted behavior. Then, we will cover the importance of having a healthily relationship where your dog can flourish under praise and affection.


Finally, I will demonstrate using your dog, how to do a structured leash walk that exercises them physically and mentally. Leash walking is the most important exercise because you are practicing your leadership role, and they are practicing to follow your decisions. Since you are working to fine tune your communication skills with your dog, it is a great time to strengthen that relationship.


We have many successful consultations and stop all of a dog owner's basic problems with jumping, running out doors, and leash walking. Depending on your issues, all you might need is a consultation to improve your relationship with your dog.Look at our testimonies page for reviews on this service



Look at our testimonies page for reviews on this service


Private 1 on 1 training sessions:

4 private sessions 60-90 minutes


In these four sessions, we tailor your needs to your dog's needs. Since the lessons will follow the consultation, they will reflect any information or training covered therein.

We will address how to correct any behavior issue from jumping and barking,to leash pulling, mouthing, and counter surfing. In each session, your dog will be taught basic instruction such as leash walking, sitting and staying, proper placement, and coming when called.

I will help you, as the owner, in training your dog. Then, I will demonstrate the training with your dog. After, I will observe you practicing on your own to insure proper technique.

Remember, each session builds on previous lessons.

Once you finish all four private sessions, you will be given our handbook that covers everything in the lessons. You will also have access to our private Facebook community page should there be any questions following the training.

These sessions are geared towards education, demonstration, and observation. This gives you the foundation to a well mannered and much calmer dog.




Board & Train
Approximately 28 Days
Board and train is APPROXIMATELY 28 days.  
This is our OFF LEASH program. This program is much more extensive that includes 
off leash, distractions and duration both inside snd outside he home and thru different stimulating environments 
During our specialized Board & Train program, we take what we taught during the consultation and/or private training sessions and advance these tasks to a superior level. This training takes place inside our home and includes: off leash walking, down/stay, sit, place, and coming when called. We also address any behavior issues your dog might have. During our Board & Train your dog gets continuous training all day, everyday. We replace their bad habits with good habits that work for you and your family. Your dog receives training from me, which includes 20 years of experience,and later is transitioned into your home. Our Board & Train program produces a completely well behaved,balanced family pet for you to enjoy.


Refresher Program

This is a client exclusive program.

This is a client exclusive program. Once your dog completes our Board & Train or Private training lesson, they can come to our home for refresher training. This is very convenient for owners when they go out of town and need to board their dog while they are away. Not only is your dog well taken care of, they receive the same training as the Board & Train dogs. They receive 2-3 structure leash walks a day, along with an structured atmosphere which produces a less stressful environment for them during their stay. This returns them home less stressed and with training improved.

Service dog

We offer Service dog training if the dog meets temperament standards. 




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