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Amanda Willis Tatum reviewed Delta K-9 Solutions — 5 star


October 29, 2015 ·


Chance just left and not only did Shep and Millie get trained but I did too. Wow, all this time I thought they were the problem when all along it was us. Millie no longer runs in the back door and I can walk Shep and not feel like I've been wrestling a bull. Chance talked with me about ways to correct other behaviors as well. With the knowledge I have now I can pass it on to the rest of the family and we will be able to enjoy our pups at last.


Melissa Askland Ducote reviewed Delta K-9 Solutions — 5 star


October 23, 2015 ·


Today our dog Lucy has come home from board and train. Even though it has just been a few hours, I can totally see the difference in our dog. She was quite out of control and would not listen. Chance has taught us how to communicate and work with Lucy and today has been such a great day! I can see things only getting better here at home. The work they have done with her has been phenomenal! I highly highly recommend!


Cindy Ramsey McCready reviewed Delta K-9 Solutions — 5 star


September 11, 2015 ·


I can't say enough about Chance! I was totally amazed by his ability to handle my doberman Rose. Can't wait for my training sessions for him to teach me his ways. Absolutely totally different dog with Chance, we have had trainers for all of our dobies and Chance has been the best by far! Highly recommend him and also have to mention Christi, his wife, who has a very hard job of making all the appointments for him and keeping everything flowing smoothly. You know what they say behind every successful man there is a woman who made him that way! So Chance you better thank the good Lord everyday for Christi❤. Seriously, thanks a million.


Jansen Davis Hinton reviewed Delta K-9 Solutions — 5 star


November 19, 2015 ·


Just started today and I'm loving it !!!! The best $125.00 I have ever spent! My dog is going to appreciate this as much as the rest of the family, Chance is very patient and very encouraging. Im set up for four more training days and I can't wait to post more good news about my sweet dogs progress and our family for that matter


Shujen McMurray reviewed Delta K-9 Solutions — 5 star


October 20, 2015 ·


Had a consultation with Chance today for my 2 toy poodles. Asked if he was a dog whisperer. He never raised his voice and hardly said anything to them, but had them both learning leash commands in a matter of minutes. Told me how to work with them and worked on their barking at everything. We all learned some useful things today. Thanks Chance, they haven't barked since you left!


Tina Cousins reviewed Delta K-9 Solutions — 5 star


November 3, 2015 ·


Sabana, my 3 yr old GS and I had our consultation yesterday and Chance was great! He opened my eyes to what I was doing wrong and had Sabana' s attention pretty quick. She has always tried to get to other dogs because she doesn't like them, but before we left she was walking on leash right beside another dog! Thank you so much Chance for your experience and helping me!! Looking forward to our private sessions!!


Grace Rose reviewed Delta K-9 Solutions — 5 star


October 4, 2015 ·


We had our initial consultation one week ago with Chance and our 11 week old puppy. Since then, we have learned how to communicate with Kilo in ways that he can understand. Kilo is a happier dog with the structure we now have with him and we feel so much more equipped as owners to be the leaders that he needs. No more accidents in the house or torn up pillows for us! Thank you to Chance and Christi!! We look forward to our private training sessions in a few weeks smile emoticon #lovebyleading


Krystal Lee Johns reviewed Delta K-9 Solutions — 5 star


Chance left and I was in complete awe. I've owned dogs all my life, and I thought I had done a decent job training them. Well, my sweet Hope got schooled and so did I! Now that we have the tools and education to use those tools, I just know my baby girl will be an excellent companion!


Carol Stewart reviewed Delta K-9 Solutions — 5 star


August 12, 2015 ·


My pup, Jack, is just a bouncy ball of energy and I was afraid that nothing could get his attention. Chance never raised his voice, never said a negative word or even an instructive word....and yet he immediately had Jack's attention. By the end of an hour Jack was calm and responsive to physical yet gentle leash commands. Chance showed me all the things that I'd been doing wrong and replaced those ideas with ideas that really make me AND Jack. We had an awesome consultation and I would recommend Delta K-9 to anyone with a dog. Five stars for Delta K-9 Solutions.


Angel Lisenby reviewed Delta K-9 Solutions — 5 star


September 22, 2015 ·


Chance met our "Chance" today for our initial consultation! Within minutes he had our otherwise overly excited cocker spaniel, calm and relaxed! He was not only great with Chance but also gave my teenage daughter who just joined the Army some motivational talks as well!! Also any questions or concerns I had he addressed and had an answer for me, he was very informative and eye opening!! Can't wait to schedule some private lessons!!! We thank you so much! I'm do excited to go forward with the things you've already addressed!!!


Eddna Castro reviewed Delta K-9 Solutions — 5 star


October 22, 2015 ·


Chance is a great trainer and taught me to communicate and bond with my puppy. Teddy wouldn't listen unless I had treats in my hands! Chance taught me to give directions to Teddy through the leash and use praise to reward him. It's been a week since our consultation and Teddy has made a lot of progress! This was definitely an investment to make my life with my dog better!



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